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MISS DIG is a statewide, one-call notification system, which was formed in 1970 in Oakland County by five major utilities. The reason for MISS DIG’s formation was to prevent damage to utility facilities and to provide excavators and the general public with the ability to inform multiple owners of underground facilities of intended non-emergency and emergency excavation via a single telephone call 1-800-482-7171.

MISS DIG is not a utility. MISS DIG owns no facilities, has no record of facility locations and does not locate underground facilities. It is a message handling service that receives location requests from persons excavating. Each utility is responsible for marking its own facilities.

If the approximate location for an underground facility is marked with stakes or other physical means, the public utility shall follow the color coding prescribed below:

Electric power distribution and transmission, Safety red; Municipal electric systems, Safety red.

Gas distribution and transmission, high-visibility Safety yellow; Oil distribution and transmission, high-visibility, Safety yellow; Dangerous materials, product lines, high-visibility, Safety yellow.

Telephone and telegraph systems, Safety-alert orange; Cable television, Safety-alert orange; Police and fire communications, Safety-alert orange.

Water systems, Safety-precaution blue.

Sewer systems, Safety brown.

Storm drains, Safety green.

Land survey monumentation, high-visibility, Safety pink.

All safety-alert orange markings shall include the name or type of the company who owns the underground facility to be marked. If the precise location of the underground facilities cannot be established, the person or public agency shall then notify the public utility, which shall no later than one working day after the notice provide such further assistance as may be needed to determine the precise location of the underground facilities in advance of the proposed excavating, tunneling, discharging o explosives, drilling or boring procedures or demolition operations. Where demolition of a building is proposed and the public utility is notified, it shall be given reasonable time to remove or protect its facilities before demolition of the building.

It is required to use MISS DIG if you engage in or are responsible for the planning or performance of any type of excavation e.g.; auguring, grading, demolition, cultivating, blasting, boring to provide advance notice of at least three working days to MISS DIG. MISS DIG must be called prior to excavation in order to comply with the state statute.

MISS DIG is open 24 hours to take request. Emergency and non-emergency calls will be accepted.

If any of the following situations occur, the caller should contact the facility owner directly.

To report damage to any type of facility.

To resolve any type of damage billing problem.

To request any type of facility removal or relocation, including meter removals prior to demolition of a building.

To request any type of utility service.

A person who willfully removes or otherwise destroys the stakes or other physical markings used by a public utility to mark the approximate location for underground facilities is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined not more than $5,000.00 for each offense or imprisonment for not more than one year or both.


Subordination/Attornment Agreements
Waterford Township DPW no longer Subordinates any assessment effective August 12, 2002.

Connecting to Waterford Township's Water System
Water Connection Requirements

PDF Icon Water-Sewer & Misc. Fee Schedule                                      
PDF Icon Water-Sewer Connection Fee Schedule

 Connecting to Waterford Township's Water System

  1. Hire a contractor to install the water service line or install it yourself. If a service line is already installed, it must be exposed at the property line before the Water Department can make the water connection.
  2. Obtain a plumbing permit at the Building Department, which is located on the third floor of Township Hall, 5200 Civic Center Drive. The Building Department charges a fee for the permit, which includes future inspection of the plumbing for the water meter. Underground plumbing inspection must be performed by the Building Department prior to the Water Department making the water connection.
  3. Complete the permit and pay the water connection fees at the Water Department located at 5240 Civic Center Drive. If paid in full, a 1" tap with 5/8" meter is $2295.00 in full, or, a down payment of $1320.00 with $33.95 added to the usage bill quarterly for ten years at 6.5% interest.
  4. Upon completion and payment of steps 2 and 3 above, it takes approximately 2 weeks before the Water Department can make the water connection. However, if you are completely out of water and can demonstrate an emergency, we will try to make the connection within 72 hours.
  5. Once the Water Department makes the connection, the plumbing must be completed by the homeowner or plumbing contractor before the meter installation.
  6. Once the plumbing is completed, notify the Building Department to perform a rough plumbing inspection. They can be reached at the automated inspection request line (248) 674-2644 or (248) 674-4250.
  7. Once the Building Department has approved the rough plumbing, notify the Water Department at: (248) 674-2278 and schedule an appointment to have the meter installed.
  8. You will receive a usage bill every three months.  For homeowners that have public sewer, the minimum water/sewer bill per quarter is $75.43 this includes $15.43 for 1000 cubic feet of water and $59.91 for sewage disposal.  Each additional 100 cubic feet of water  is $1.93 and sewer is $3.10 per each 100 cubic feet starting at 0.

Water Connection Requirements

  1. Restoration will be the  responsibility of the homeowner or developer except when the water main is on the opposite side of the road or in the road.  In new developments, the builder is responsible for both sides; this includes sidewalks.
  2. Water Connections made from December 31 to March 31 will be an additional $50.00.
  3. Pay the required fees and obtain a connection permit from the Water Department.
  4. A service line inspection permit must be obtained from the Building Department.
  5. Approved plastic material is identified by markings on the tubing, ASTMD2737 200 PSI. All Plastic shall read 200 PSI. Water service tubing NSF-PW-PE 3408 & normal size, compression fittings are available for use with plastic water service tubing - (CTS). A compression adapter must be used to adapt plastic to iron pipe thread. No clamps of any kind. Always use stiffener with compression fittings. K-Type copper tubing may be used. All plastic must be K copper tubing O.D. Our office recommends copper for larger than 1" to enter under building foundation.
  6. All residential or commercial service lines must be a minimum of 1".
  7. Check the following for your protection of a cross connection:
    1.  Vacuum breakers on all threaded hose outlets
    2. Double check valve assembly is required on boilers.
    3. Double check valves (i.e. Zea Check Valves) OK on softeners (BOCA P-1505 12.5)
    4. Vacuum breakers on lawn sprinkler systems
    5. Install code relief valve on hot water heater on hot side. 125# or 150# pressure, 210° temperature Install code ball cock in toilet if necessary.
  8. A thermal expansion control device (expansion tank or expansion bypass valve) may be required.  Please consult the local plumbing code.  This unit is a safety device that will help alleviate excess pressure build up in water heaters.
  9. The Township water you will be receiving is well water and is processed for Iron Removal and chlorinated. Due to variability in water hardness, a water softener may be required.
  10. It may be to your advantage to install a sprinkler meter to receive a savings in sewer rates for outside use, if connected to sanitary sewer, contact the Water Dept.
  11. Service lines shall be a minimum of 5’ deep, 6’ deep required if under the driveway. Call for inspection before back filling. PH: (248) 674-2644. *Note: New Construction shall not put service line in driveway.
  12. No service line shall be installed within 10 feet of septic lines or tank without the consent of Oakland County Health Department.
  13. No service line shall be installed in the line with driveway, tree, fire hydrant, catch basin or any other obstruction on either side of street.
  14. All service lines shall be installed past all utilities such as Ameritech, Edison, Consumers and Cable. Extension past sidewalks is required when possible. However, Waterford DPW will not be responsible for any sidewalk damage in new subdivisions, as a result of water taps being done after sidewalks are in.
  15. No connection through which water may pass from one property or premise to another shall be permitted even through the ownership of both properties or premises may be the same.
  16. All connections shall be Waterworks Brass Compression fittings.
  17. No water connections will be made until released by the Plumbing Inspector. End of service line must be exposed before water connection will be made.
  18. Meter Set Installation: All meters shall be set horizontally in a clean dry space perfectly accessible. Meter to be set within 5’ after service line enters the building, not in crawl space. Meters must be 8" from wall to immovable object. Gate or ball valves on both sides of meter. Meter will set where a small leak or spilling of water will do no damage. All meters shall be properly braced so no tension is on the plumbing. Spacing between meter couplings is 7 1/2" for 5/8" meter and 10 3/4" for 1" meter. No templates will be allowed. All wells shall be disconnected prior to meter set and turn on. It is the homeowners obligation to make an appointment to have the meter set and the service turned on. PH: (248) 674-2278 for an appointment.
  19. Water services larger than 1" are suggested to be copper going under footings of building to ensure no movement of meter.