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Fire Department

About Us

Fire Stations

There are eight fire stations positioned throughout Waterford Township and the City of Pontiac.  Each station is strategically located to facilitate the shortest possible response time to any emergency anywhere in the three communities that we serve.  We also have one unmanned station that houses our hazmat and special response units.

Boundary lines have been drawn dividing Waterford Township, the City of Lake Angelus and the City of Pontiac into eight sectors based on geographic location, travel distances and traffic conditions proximate to each fire station. When an emergency arises, trucks and personnel are dispatched from the closest fire station ensuring the fastest possible response time.

The average response time of the Waterford Fire Department is four minutes.  In other words, help arrives at your door within four minutes of your call to 911.

Headquarters and Station 1
2495 Crescent Lake Road, Waterford
(Corner of Crescent Lake & Hatchery)

Centrally located at 2495 Crescent Lake Rd., the headquarters building serves as the hub of fire department operations.  The South wing consists of  the administrative offices, a state-of-the-art training facility, conference rooms, equipment repair facilities, and the computer technology center.  The North wing serves as the living quarters for station 1 personnel with the apparatus bay dividing both wings.  Station 1 is staffed by 5 personnel and houses Battalion 1, Engine 1, Rescue 1 and Tower 1 (a 100’ aerial ladder truck).

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1

Station 2
4596 W. Walton Boulevard, Waterford
(Walton between Sashabaw & Dixie)

Located at 4569 Walton Blvd., Station 2 serves as the primary responding station for the Township's northeast sector.  Station 2 is also the oldest fire station in the Township built in 1952.  Station 2 is staffed with 3 personnel and houses Engine 2 and Rescue.



Station 3
3435 Elizabeth Lake Road, Waterford
(Elizabeth Lake just East of Cass Lake)

Station 3 is located at 3435 Elizabeth Lake Rd. in the heart of Waterford's shopping district.  Seconds from the Summit Place Mall complex, Station 3 is responsible for protecting the Township's busy southeast sector.   Built in 1988, It is the second newest fire station in the Township.  Station 3 houses an Engine 3 and Rescue 3.

Fire Station 3

Station 4
6615 Williams Lake Road, Waterford
(Williams Lake West of Airport)

Located at 6615 Williams Lake Rd., Station 4 is primarily responsible for protecting the suburban lake communities in the Township's northwest sector.  Built in 1974, it is the second oldest fire station in the Township.  Station 4 is also strategically located to be the first responding unit to the very busy Oakland-International Airport.  Station 4 is staffed with one firefighter and houses Engine 4.

Fire Station 4

Station 5
25 N. Hospital Road, Waterford
(Corner of Hospital & Elizabeth Lake)

Located at 25 N. Hospital Rd., Station 5 has the primary responsibility of protecting the still developing southwest sector.  Station 5 is also the first responding unit to the Oakland Community College Highland Lakes Campus.  Built in 1979, it falls right in the middle of the Township's newest and oldest fire stations. Station 5 is staffed with 3 personnel and houses Engine 5 and Rescue 5.

Fire Station 5

Fire Station #6
55 W. Walton Boulevard, Pontiac

This fire station provides basic emergency medical and fire protection to the Northwest corner of Pontiac and the City of Lake Angelus.  It houses Engine 6, and is staffed with four Waterford Firefighters.  Waterford Township Fire Department began staffing this station with Waterford firefighters on February 1, 2012.  The station number remained the same. The fire station was built in 1963. 



Fire Station #7
123 E. Pike Street, Pontiac

It is the central fire station for the City of Pontiac. It is staffed with six firefighters.  The station number was changed from Station #1, Pontiac to Station #7 when the Waterford Township Fire Department began staffing this station with Waterford firefighters on February 1, 2012.  The fire station was built in 1961. This station houses Captain 1, Engine 7, Ladder 7 (an equipment and ladder truck) and Quint 7 (a 75’ aerial ladder truck).  The station number was changed from Pontiac Fire Station #1 to Waterford Fire Station #7. 


Fire Station #8
720 Madison Street, Pontiac

The fire station was built in 1977.  This fire station number changed from Pontiac Fire Station #4 to Waterford Fire Station 8.  It is staffed with 4 personnel and houses Engine 8 and Tower 8 (a 100’ aerial ladder truck).  It also serves as the repair and maintenance facility for the Waterford Fire Department.  The fire station was built in 1977.


Fire Station #9 Hazmat/Special Response Station
787 W. Huron Street, Pontiac

Former Fire Station #5, Pontiac.  This station houses our Hazmat and Special Response Units.  It is not a manned station.  As our hazmat or technical resuce teams are deployed, they will respond out of this fire sation. 

This station also serves as a regional training center for Oakland County Fire Departments.