Adult Summer Reading

Exercise your mind. Read!

June 20th — Aug. 7th, 2016
How to participate: 

  • Read or listen to adult library books of your own choosing.
  • Fill out a book review form for each book you read or hear.

  • There will be two weekly prize winners.

  • To enter a weekly prize drawing, turn in a book form, or forms, for that week. Winners are drawn from the previous week’s entries.

  • Two Grand Prizes will be drawn from entries submitted by August 7th. You must submit at least 5 forms to be eligible to win.

Extra Challenge!
Increase your chance to earn a prize at the Ice Cream Social on August 11th by taking this summer reading challenge! Print the list below, add your name and contact information, jot the title of the book you read that fits under each category as you read them, and drop it in the entries box before August 7th.

Your Name: 
Phone # or email address:

  • A book you can finish in a day

  • A book that's been made into a movie that is in theaters this year

  • A book recommended by a family member

  • A book from a display of adult books in the library

  • A book about a culture you're unfamiliar with

  • A book published in 2016

  • A New York Times bestseller (any year)

  • A book that's guaranteed to bring you joy

  • A book that takes place during Summer

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Weekly Prize Winners

week 1  (June 27)
Barbara L.
Cristina W.

week 2   (July 5)
Kimberly O. 
Bethany N.

week 3 (July 11)
Andrew B.
Sara Beth B.

week 4 (July 18)
Keena I.
LInda S.

week 5 (July 25)
Judi S.
Myra E.

week 6 (August 1)
James A.
Natalia M.