Public Safety

  1. Citizens Academy

    The Waterford Police Department is inviting all Waterford Residents, and/or Waterford business owners to join their team for 1 night a week, for 8 weeks.

  2. Fire Safety

    This section is provided by the fire prevention division and is dedicated to the recognition and removal of fire hazards and to the reduction in the occurrence of fire in Waterford.

  3. Online Citizens Police Reporting System

    The Citizens Online Police Reporting System (COPRS), was designed to provide the citizens with the ability to make certain types of police reports from the comfort of their home computer, office computer, laptop or iPad.

  4. Public Fire Programs

    The Waterford Fire Department offers a variety of fire and EMS related programs to the public.

  5. Traffic Complaints

    If you are observing a traffic violation on a regular basis, please report this hazardous driving.

  6. Volunteer Firefighters

    Read through a printable version of each of the volunteer policies.