Chat Reference

Chat Reference Service
Have a question? You can ask a Waterford librarian online right now!

What Is This?
You can use live "chat" to ask a librarian your question online just by clicking on the chat icon. You don’t need any special software on your computer or a special account to do this. A chat window will open on your computer screen and you’ll be asked for your name and email address (this is in case no librarian is free to chat on the other end, you could still submit your question via email), you type in a greeting, and /or your question, and then if a librarian is available to chat, you should see our response show up in your chat window.

Who Will You Be Chatting With?
This service is staffed by librarians at our Adult and Children’s Reference Desks and the first available librarian will respond (during hours the library is open). There may be a 45 second (or more) delay if a librarian is busy and can’t respond. If you wait, most of the time, one of us should start chatting with you!

When Is It Available?
Chat service is available during our open business hours. When not available, you can send us an email.

What Can You Ask Via Chat?
Pretty much anything you would ask us over the phone, you just have to type it in. Try it! We hope you’ll find it easy and convenient.