About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Waterford Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of Waterford Township, Lake Angelus and the City of Pontiac through:
  • Public education in fire safety and hazard recognition
  • Aggressive fire suppression and rescue
  • Professional emergency medical treatment of the sick and injured
  • Efficient preincident planning and emergency management
  • Hazardous materials control and mitigation
  1. Fire Stations

    There are eight fire stations positioned throughout Waterford Township and the City of Pontiac. Each station is strategically located to facilitate the shortest possible response time to any emergency anywhere in the three communities that we serve.

  2. Fire Trucks

    All the specialized training the Waterford Fire Fighters possess, and all the sophisticated equipment they utilize, would be worthless without the capability of getting themselves and their equipment to the scene of an emergency.

  3. From the Chief

    Read through a letter from the fire chief.

  4. HazMat Team

    Due to the danger and technical complexities of incidents involving hazardous materials, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, the Department has formed an elite team of specially trained technicians to respond to these unique emergencies.

  5. History

    Read through a history of the Fire Department, organized by year.

  6. Honor Guard

    The Honor Guard was formed to represent the Department at retirements, promotions, funerals, parades, award and recognition ceremonies and all other formal functions.

  7. Rank & File

    This page has a brief introduction of the various ranks and positions of the Waterford Fire Department.

  8. Technical Rescue Unit

    The technical rescue unit was formed to facilitate the rescue, removal and treatment of victims that are not readily accessible by conventional methods.

  9. Volunteers

    Fire suppression and EMS services in Waterford are supplemented by the selfless dedication of volunteer fire fighters who, without pay, give their time and talents in the service of the citizens.

  10. What We Do

    Learn about a day in the life of a Waterford Fire Fighter.