K-9 Unit

Bandit, with handler Officer Brian Illingworth and Tondo, with handler Officer Annette Miller. Both officers work daily with their K-9s to keep them well trained and ready to perform whenever needed. They are actively involved in suspect tracking, as well as narcotic and related paraphernalia enforcement.

Bandit & Officer Illingworth
Bandit has been on duty since January of 2008 performing numerous successful tracks. Bandit was born March 27, 2006 in Slovakia and selected for Officer Illingworth in September of 2007. On October 30, 2007, Officer Illingworth and Bandit began their training as a team.

Tondo & Officer Miller
Tondo was born February 22, 2009 in Poland and personally selected for Officer Miller in April of 2010. The team reported for their 1st day of service on June 5, 2010. Tondo has located a felon, 3 arson suspects, a number of stolen articles and performed many other successful tracks.