Department Patch History

The Waterford Police Department's current issue patch has been in use since 1978. It was designed by a local high school student when the department decided to change over from their previous design.

Patch Design
The patch depicts several features that represent local historical or current landmarks.

Beginning at the top of the patch, the airplane represents the Oakland County International Airport, located in Waterford. The airport, one of the busiest in the country in terms of take offs and landings, is a feature of our local landscape.

On the left side, there is a graphic that depicts a grist mill from the 1800's. The mill was located on the banks of the Clinton River, near what is now the intersection of Dixie Highway (U.S. 24) and Andersonville Road. The mill was one of the main features of the local economy during this area's formation. At that time, Waterford was 1 stagecoach stop between Detroit and Flint.
Police Patch
The right side depicts a fisherman in a boat with "1 on the line." The graphic represents the local areas' summer lakes activities. Before becoming a residential community, Waterford was "up north" for residents of Detroit. Many maintained cottages on lakes here for those getaway weekends.

The graphic at the bottom represents a Native American in a canoe. This area boasts a rich history of Native American heritage.

All of these graphics surround the geographical border outline of present-day Waterford Township.

Patch Requests
The Waterford Police Department regrets to announce that we will no longer provide patches to private patch collectors free of charge. This decision was reached in part due to budget constraints. We also will not provide them for sale to the public at this time.

Several department members are private patch collectors and traders. They have been authorized to purchase official department patches from our uniform supplier when we restock. They may elect to conduct a private trade with you. Since they purchase these patches privately, do not expect to receive them for free. If you are not a patch trader, there is no need to contact them. You can e-mail your patch trade request here. At least one of them may elect to answer your request.

The department will continue to honor requests for free patches from law enforcement officials seeking to add to an official department display. If you would like a patch for such a display, please send your request on your department letterhead. The letter should state that you are authorized to collect on behalf of your agency and that the patch will be used for public display there. The letter should be signed by the head of your agency. Please mail your written request to:
Waterford Police Department
5150 Civic Center Drive
Waterford, MI 48329
(Attention: Administrative Sergeant William Dolehanty- Patch Requests)