Township Departments

  1. 51st District Court

    Learn about how to pay fines, view court docket information, and more about the 51st District Court.

  2. Assessing

    The role of the Assessing Department is the valuation of the 31,822 parcels located in the Township of Waterford.

  3. Cable

    Tune into Channel 20 for Waterford news and events. Discover more information about cable available in this area.

  4. Clerk's Office

    The Clerk's Office includes Township accounting and purchasing functions, licensing, and Township Ordinances.

  5. Development Services

    The Waterford Township Development Services Department mission is to plan for and coordinate building, redevelopment, and wise and effective land use in Waterford Township.

  6. Fire

    Waterford Fire Department is now the largest staffed fire department in Oakland County.

  7. Fiscal & Human Resources

    The Fiscal and Human Resources Department (F&HR) provides Township-wide financial and personnel related services.

  8. GIS & Online Mapping

    A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer-based tool for analyzing and mapping features that exist, and events that occur on earth. Learn how Waterford Township uses this data and browse maps online.

  9. Library

    Learn about the Waterford Township Public Library.

  10. Parks & Recreation

    Get involved in a variety of programs and activities that the Waterford Parks and Recreation Department offers and find where all of the great parks are that serve your needs.

  11. Payroll & Benefits

    Payroll and Benefits administers all benefits, including pensions in addition to payroll.

  12. Police

    The mission of the Waterford Township Police Department is to preserve the safety of the public, promote orderly flow of traffic, investigate reported acts of criminal activity, provide services in addition to the enforcement of laws, and protect the rights of all people.

  13. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for providing essential services in the areas of water treatment and conveyance, waste water pumping and conveyance, facilities management, fleet management, cemetery operations and bike path management to enhance the quality of life for residents and businesses in Waterford Township.

  14. Supervisor's Office

    The Township Supervisor enforces all laws and Township Ordinances and administrates all department personnel.

  15. Treasurer's Office

    The Township Treasurer is responsible for homeowner assistance, collecting property taxes, assisting with foreclosures, and issuing dog licenses.